Siemens Invests €2 Billion to Accelerate Global Digitalization and Sustainability Initiatives

Siemens’ new €2 billion investment strategy is a testament to the company’s commitment to forward-thinking growth and innovation. The plan, announced earlier today, features a significant emphasis on manufacturing capacity expansion, with funds being channeled into the creation of new high-tech factories, innovation labs, and education centers. This strategy further solidifies Siemens’ position as a global leader in the fields of digitalization, automation, and sustainability.

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As part of the investment strategy, Siemens has unveiled plans for a new high-tech factory in Singapore, a move designed to cater to the rapidly expanding markets in Southeast Asia. This venture forms part of a series of initiatives that Siemens is undertaking in the region, demonstrating a concerted effort to tap into the Asian markets.

“Our €2 billion investment plan is a clear statement of Siemens’ commitment to driving innovation and growth,” said Roland Busch, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG. “By combining the real and digital worlds, and focusing on diversification and local-for-local business, we are strategically reinforcing our global presence to support growth in the world’s most relevant markets.”

Apart from the significant investment in manufacturing capacity, Siemens also announced an expected increase of around €0.5 billion in research and development (R&D) for the fiscal year 2023. This R&D focus, primarily aimed at the industrial metaverse and artificial intelligence, is expected to further strengthen Siemens’ leading position in core technologies. The company’s recent collaborations with Microsoft and NVIDIA underscore its commitment to shaping the future of industry automation and the industrial metaverse.

This investment strategy also extends to all regions, including China, where Siemens is expanding its digital factory in Chengdu to better serve the local growth opportunities. This expansion, coupled with the establishment of a new digital R&D Innovation Center in Shenzhen, affirms Siemens’ commitment to meeting the needs of its Chinese customers, who are known to be early adopters of new technologies, especially in digitalization and high-tech manufacturing.

The series of investment announcements from Siemens this year, from expanding production in Germany and the Czech Republic to building a new factory in the United States, are concrete steps towards realizing the company’s commitment to global growth and innovation. The planned €2 billion investments and expected increase of around €0.5 billion in research and development are set to enhance Siemens’ global footprint and reinforce its market leadership.

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