HP Index Highlights Global Work Crisis: Only 27% of Knowledge Workers Experience Healthy Work Dynamics

In a pivotal revelation, HP Inc. has disclosed the findings of its inaugural HP Work Relationship Index, a profound study exploring the relationships employees globally have with their work. The extensive research, encompassing over 15,600 respondents from 12 different countries, unveils a concerning truth: a substantial majority of the global workforce is mired in unhealthy relationships with work. A mere 27% of knowledge workers are in a healthy relationship with their profession, highlighting a pressing global work crisis. The study sheds light on the severe repercussions of such unhealthy relationships, impacting mental, emotional, and physical well-being, and subsequently, affecting business productivity and employee morale. The research also delineates core components and strategies essential for cultivating healthy work relationships, emphasizing the importance of fulfillment, leadership, people-centricity, skills proficiency, appropriate tools and technology, and workspace flexibility. The insights derived underscore the urgent need for organizations worldwide to recalibrate work relationships, fostering trust, emotional connection, and flexibility to construct a harmonious and productive work environment, mutually benefiting both employees and the organization.