Digital Transformation: What’s Next?

Although disruption has long been a threat for some industries, the rise of digital technologies has accelerated the pace of disruption in virtually every other industry. As the rate at which new technologies emerge increases exponentially, there is a corresponding acceleration in the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of change facing organisational leaders- all while global competition is increasingly fierce. However, these same changes create immense opportunities for organisations with digital leaders equipped for the age of digital disruption.

event, facilitated by Dr Paidi O’Reilly (Cork University Business School), we will be joined by experts in exploring the latest trends in Digital Transformation. Our guests include Clare Dillon, Julianne Coughlan and Antonio Santos.

  • Clare was a member of the Microsoft Ireland Leadership Team for 8 years, as it transformed from a product to a cservices organisation. With over 20 years’ experience of leadership development, business strategy and technology evangelism, Clare works with organisations to help them maximise opportunities presented by the latest trends in technology.
  • Julianne is the Service Design Manager at Service rePublic at Cork County Council. Over the last 10 years she has worked in the areas of business process improvement and service design for the organisation delivering a number of key digital transformation projects.
  • Antonio is a Social Media Business Evangelist and Senior Data Intelligence Expert at Atos, focusing on Digital Inclusion, Social Media Engagement, and Social Business. Based on data from Twitter and LinkedIn, he is the 3rd most influential employee on Consulting and is number one on Sustainability.

This 6-part series will cover digital leadership, strategy, disruption, transformation, innovation and accessibility. This series is about exploring and learning from the latest industry and academic thinking. The events invite experts to share their views and to allow plenty of opportunity for those views to be explored and questioned.

The Digital Transformation Lab organised by UCC (DT-LAB@UCC) is a network of stakeholders (that includes senior professionals but also researchers, consultants, and communicators) interested in developing, validating, and sharing best practices in Digital Transformation. We do this through: (1) supporting peer-to-peer learning within the network; (2) undertaking and sharing research findings; (3) organising regular online and face-to-face networking events; (4) organising thought leadership events and masterclasses; and (5) using podcasts, blogs, and social media activities to share our message.

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