Interview with Mike Webster, Arvoia

Mike Webster

Starting out as an engineer, Mike Webster (CEO & Founder) has vast experience in the financial, travel and tourism sectors both in Ireland and internationally. He had two previous startups in fintech and supply chain. His current startup, Arvoia, was founded in 2014 and is based on a wholly owned B2B platform that uses AI to analyze customer behavior. Mike explains how they use AI technologies effectively to understand and predict what customers want next. This helps their clients to streamline their product offerings and to offer better customer service. He talks about what he believes is the key to a successful startup and how one must manage risk and persevere to achieve goals. He is firmly focused on the future and having learned from his past experience he doesn’t look back.


“Startup Secrets” is a series of interviews with the founders of startups across Ireland and internationally. Presented by the excellent Barry O’Sullivan and Mike Fuller from the Digital Transformation Lab, which is supported by Cork University Business School.

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