Siemens Launches Comprehensive Private 5G Solution for the Industrial Sector

Siemens, a leading global technology company, has introduced a groundbreaking private 5G infrastructure, marking a significant advancement in mobile communication standards for the industrial sector. This development is set to revolutionize how industrial companies approach automation applications and connected production.

Private industrial 5G infrastructure for the deployment of a local 5G network.
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Innovative 5G Infrastructure
Siemens has developed, for the first time, an in-house private infrastructure tailored to the 5G mobile communications standard. This innovative solution empowers industrial companies to establish their own local 5G networks, optimizing support for various automation applications. Siemens’ private 5G infrastructure is a beacon for applications such as mobile robots, autonomous logistics, and driverless transport systems in factories, launching the next stage of connected production.

Enhanced Control and Customization
Siemens’ technology grants users unparalleled control over the data within their 5G network, allowing them to custom-configure the network to suit their unique applications. This private industrial 5G infrastructure is pivotal for deploying local 5G networks and is designed to operate seamlessly in harsh industrial environments. Unlike other wireless technologies, it utilizes a licensed frequency band, enabling operation without interference.

Comprehensive 5G Solution
Siemens’ 5G infrastructure has been meticulously developed to meet the specific requirements of industrial applications and customers. It comprises a 5G core and a radio access network (RAN), including the central unit (CU), the distributed unit (DU), and the radio units (RUs). This all-in-one 5G solution allows various 5G end-devices to connect and communicate within the private network.

Real-world Testing and Availability
Before its market launch, Siemens rigorously tested its private 5G infrastructure in actual production environments, such as the Siemens production site in Karlsruhe, refining the technology to ensure it meets the demands of industrial production environments. The infrastructure is currently available in Germany, with plans for expansion to other countries.

SCALANCE M80000 industrial 5G radio unit mounted inside a factory

Pilot Customer: Salzgitter AG
One of the pilot customers leveraging Siemens’ complete 5G solution is the German steel group Salzgitter AG. Gerd Baresch, Chief Technology Officer at Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, emphasized the need for an industrial 5G network to meet the stringent requirements of the steel industry, citing Siemens as a longstanding reliable partner for network solutions.

Data Security and Connectivity
Private 5G networks, also known as campus networks, are restricted to a defined company premises or area, offering companies full control over their data through their own local 5G spectrum. Siemens has been providing industrial 5G routers since 2021, facilitating efficient wireless connectivity in industrial environments.

Siemens Digital Industries
Siemens Digital Industries is a leader in automation and digitalization, driving digital transformation in process and discrete industries through its Digital Enterprise portfolio. The company is continuously innovating, integrating cutting-edge future technologies to support customers in achieving greater productivity and flexibility.

Siemens’ introduction of a complete private 5G solution is a monumental stride in industrial mobile communications, offering enhanced control, customization, and connectivity. This advancement is poised to catalyse the next phase of connected production and industrial automation applications, reinforcing Siemens’ commitment to innovation and digital transformation in the industrial sector.


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