EcoAct and Greenspector support France Télévisions in the decarbonization of its new media NOWU

Paris, January 25 2022

EcoAct, an Atos company, and Greenspector, a member of Scaler, the Atos Accelerator, that supports startups in their international development and fosters customer innovation, have been chosen by France Télévisions to assess and optimize the carbon impact of the website of its new media NOWU.

This digital editorial offering aimed at 15–25-year-olds was designed with energy efficiency in mind, with a low-carbon strategy and the integration of eco-design principles.

By combining their expertise, the two partners supported the eco-design and production of this public digital media, thanks to EcoAct’s 15-year strong experience and consultancy expertise in decarbonization strategy, and to the expertise and measurement solution from Greenspector, specialist in reducing the environmental impact of digital applications.

Carbon impact considered from the beginning of the project

To ensure the optimization and reduction of its carbon impact, EcoAct and Greenspector established a benchmark of best practices in low-carbon media and then calculated the carbon footprint of the project. At the launch of the project, the media’s carbon footprint was estimated at 74 tons of CO2 equivalent (this is, for example, 37 round trips from Paris to New York) and will be monitored over time as the service develops. Greenspector also studied the level of eco-responsibility of the media site, thanks to Greenspector’s digital sobriety certificate. NOWU was the first media to achieve a good result: an eco-score of 61/100, which corresponds to the bronze level.

Long-term support

Thanks to these initial in-depth analyses, EcoAct and Greenspector were able to identify reduction levers for both the creation of the platform and its use, in addition to awareness-raising and training activities, combined in a concrete action plan with an ambition which was consistent with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Eco-design was integrated from the very conception of the NOWU website. Right from the start, the digital team implemented best practices, including energy and resource consumption simulations which were developed according to use cases as close as possible to user behavior to detect potential overconsumption on the website. Our partnership with EcoAct has allowed us to better project the carbon impact of the project to make NOWU a benchmark in green media by design.” Thierry Leboucq, President of Greenspector.

“EcoAct is delighted to have been able to contribute to the implementation of a decarbonization strategy for a media that aims to raise awareness of sustainable development issues among young people. And Greenspector, thanks to its expertise in digital, has been a real support in the development and deployment of this strategy.” Yann Josse, Senior Business Manager, Public Sector at EcoAct.

“France Télévisions is proud to respond to the need for strong commitment from the younger generation with its innovative NOWU medium, which proposes concrete solutions to act in favor of the Planet. Together with EcoAct and Greenspector, we have taken up the challenge of offering young Europeans the authentic experience of a more sober and eco-designed digital platform, which combines raising awareness of the issues they care about with reducing resource consumption and their own carbon impact.” Gautier CURTIL, Director of Offerings – NOWU, France Télévisions.

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About EcoAct

EcoAct, an Atos company since October 2020, is an international sustainability consultancy and project developer that supports companies and organisations by providing the most efficient and holistic solutions to effectively meet the challenges of climate change. Founded in France in 2006 by Thierry Fornas and Gérald Maradan, EcoAct has offices in 7 countries and 3 continents across the world (Paris, London, New York, Barcelona, Montréal, Munich and Embu in Kenya).

With a team of more than 160 experts in decarbonisation strategy, EcoAct enables managers and their teams to transform their business model and reduce their carbon emissions while driving commercial performance. EcoAct’s core purpose is to inform and lead sustainable strategies that create value and benefit its clients as well as the climate, and the environment. EcoAct is a CDP Gold Partner, a founding member of ICROA, a strategic partner in the implementation of the Gold Standard for the Global Goals and reports to the UN Global Compact.

About Greenspector

Member of the Atos accelerator for startups – Scaler– Founded in 2010, Greenspector is a French pioneer in digital responsibility. Its technological innovations are made available to professionals via SaaS software tools and expert services. Those technologies help reduce mobile application and website environmental impact, improve performance, and enhance the user experience. Within the company’s software information, fleets of smartphones and connected objects, better purchased and better managed, see their lifespan extended, which reduces the cost of ownership and the environmental impact.

About NOWU

NOWU is a media created in September 2020 as part of the France Télévisions group. It is an interactive media that offers the younger generation of 15–25-year-olds the keys and tools to understand and take part in the fight against global warming. With an optimistic and guilt-free tone, NOWU’s content is divided into three main areas: content to ACT, content to BE INFORMED, and content to GET INSPIRED.

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