Racing Towards Accessibility

  • How a Race Car Mindset Can Improve Design.

Interview with Charlie Triplett, an experienced accessibility coach and author of TheBookOnAccessibility, is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations create accessible digital experiences for people with disabilities. A leading voice in the accessibility community, Charlie’s expertise spans web and mobile accessibility, assistive technology, and inclusive design. Their passion stems from personal experience with the challenges faced by people with disabilities in accessing digital content.

As an author and accessibility coach, Charlie has produced a comprehensive guide on creating accessible digital content, covering topics from basic principles to advanced techniques. Their work has earned recognition from major tech organizations, and they have been invited to speak at conferences and events worldwide. Charlie’s contributions to the accessibility community make them a valuable resource for those seeking to create more inclusive digital experiences.

Racing Towards Better Design

The extreme engineering choices for race cars have led to better handling, power, and safety features, ultimately trickling down to our regular passenger cars. But, surprisingly, this concept also applies to accessibility in design.

Accessibility: A Powerful Approach

Putting accessibility first in design work resulted in better products that were more valuable for all customers. I even became the go-to person for accessibility at one company. Eventually, T-Mobile offered me the chance to focus on accessibility full-time, and now it’s my passion and career.

The Un-carrier Philosophy

T-Mobile, a large telecom provider in the United States, is known for being the Un-carrier. The company has grown by upending industry norms and focusing on effective communication, marketing, and removing the aspects people hate about telecom services. This innovative mindset aligns well with prioritizing accessibility in design.

Conversations with Business Leaders

When discussing accessibility with business leaders, focusing on a company’s values is essential. Matters related to diversity, inclusion, and treating people with equity can help demonstrate how creating accessible products aligns with a company’s overall mission. This approach has proven to be effective in engaging business leaders positively.

MajentaA11Y: A Game-Changer

MajentaA11Y, an open-source application, was developed to simplify accessibility by creating acceptance criteria for every component in a design. It condenses information and makes it easy to share, improving communication between team members and maximizing efficiency. MajentaA11Y also helps create clearer expectations and criteria for developers, ensuring they understand and prioritize accessibility in their work.

The Future of Accessibility Professionals

The key to increasing the number of accessibility professionals is recognizing that they are already out there; they need the right opportunities and guidance. Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in hiring processes that prioritize accessibility knowledge and provide ongoing support and training for new hires. By doing so, companies can continue to innovate and create more accessible products for everyone.

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