Siemens joins forces with UN Women: Upskilling program for +600 African girls in ICT and work readiness skills kicks off

Siemens partners with UN Women Germany for an upskilling program benefiting over 600 young African women in South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, and Uganda. The initiative includes coding camps, mentoring, and workshops on digital literacy, programming, work readiness, and personal development. The program aims to bridge the ICT gender gap and empower women to pursue careers in the technology sector. Siemens has allocated €780,000 and will provide laptops to participants. The collaboration with UN Women Germany seeks to address gender inequalities and promote educational equality for girls in Africa. The program also aims to improve employability and contribute to transformative growth in the region.

Racing Towards Accessibility

Charlie Triplett is a renowned accessibility coach and author of TheBookOnAccessibility, specializing in helping individuals and organizations create accessible digital experiences for people with disabilities. With expertise in web and mobile accessibility, assistive technology, and inclusive design, Charlie’s comprehensive guide offers valuable insights on creating accessible content for various disabilities. As a recognized leader in the accessibility community, Charlie’s work has made them a sought-after speaker at global conferences and events, making them an invaluable resource for inclusive digital experiences.

The best assistive technology of 2023

Assistive technology can help employers accommodate disabilities in the workplace and foster a more inclusive environment. My picks for the best assistive technology can help employers accommodate disabilities in the workplace and foster a more inclusive environment. Read more from… Read More ›

The largest of these mega-cities already exceeds 60 million people. In China, the region of Guangdong province around the Pearl River estuary now known as the Greater Bay Area effectively merges 11 cities, from Macao all the way around to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

I believe there’s enough work for everybody; there is plenty of work to bring disability toward an equitable place in society.

Disability Rights Advocates as President/CEO in March 2021 after having spent six years as SVP, Head of Disability and Accessibility Strategy for Wells Fargo. While with Wells Fargo, Kathy helped to weave disability into the overall diversity agenda to expand the bank’s capabilities and programs to better serve both employees and customers with disabilities.