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Hosted by Antonio Santos, Debra Ruh and Neil Milliken.

Vernon Sankey is a Leadership Coach and Author.

He has been in business for many years during which time he has been the CEO, Chairman and Board member of major international corporations including Reckitt & Colman plc (now Reckitt Benckiser), Pearson plc, Zurich AG, Taylor Woodrow (now Taylor Wimpey), Cofra AG, Firmenich SA, Gala Group plc and Atos SE, where he is a Board member, Chairman of the Audit Committee and Board Member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.

He was also a Governor of Harrow School for fifteen years, a Board member of the UK’s Food Standards Agency, and on the advisory boards of several international companies such as Korn/Ferry International. He is also a former Chairman and co-founder of The Really Effective Development Company (RedCo Ltd) a coaching and mentoring company.

Throughout his career, and enhanced by his years working with RedCo clients, Vernon has applied his cognitive psychology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and people skills to mentoring senior executives, celebrities and high profile men and women from many different walks of life and at different stages of their career. As a result of a coaching engagement with a major international company, Vernon was invited to join its Board of Directors.

Vernon has also done and continues to do considerable pro-bono coaching of adults, parents and children. He has lectured extensively on leadership, personal change and development and corporate and individual transformation in the UK and the US, at international conferences around the world and in schools and universities.

In 2018 Vernon published a book called The Stairway to Happiness which includes many of the techniques and lessons of Cognitive Psychology and, in 2019, he co-authored, with Ms Katey Lockwood, a second book called: The Way; Finding Peace in Turbulent Times.

Katey Lockwood is a Personal Transformation Coach and Teacher.

Katey’s personal development skills together with her NLP practitioner background and her knowledge of cognitive psychology and philosophy creates a unique platform for supporting businesses and helping individuals.

Her personal approach is based on two, life-transforming principles, ‘Know Thyself’ and ‘Be the change in the world you want to be.’ Guiding her clients to work introspectively and to discover their true purpose, she helps them find a more effective, happier and successful way of conducting their life and career.

Katey’s clients include business executives, well-known celebrities, sportspeople and people wanting to make changes in their life. She also does voluntary coaching, helping members of the public and friends.

Katey has also been a Trustee of the Katie Piper Foundation, whose vision is to have a world where scars do not limit a person’s function, social inclusion or sense of wellbeing. She worked extensively with Katie herself.

She studied Philosophy at The London School of Economics and has attended numerous courses. Her previous career was in media, during which she has been a model, an actress and on the Harry Potter special effects team.  

Katey has been working with Vernon Sankey for several years, has taken part with him in international workshops on stress management, life skills and personal transformation and, in 2019, co-authored a book with him called The Way: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times.

Katey Lockwood and Vernon Sankey

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