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A high added value industrial & logistics facility

Atos Angers is the site in charge of building high-tech solutions in the field of HPC (High Performance Computing), Big Data (Cloud, Data Management/Security), cyber security and defense products. It is also Atos’ global supercomputer test center.

As part of the Big Data & Security division, the Supply Chain & Manufacturing entity is responsible for validation and industrialization, in close collaboration with the Group’s Research and Development teams, including:

  • Coordination and overall control of the supply chain, from sourcing to delivery,
  • Assembly, test and personalization of servers and supercomputers,
  • Customers configuration validation before delivery,
  • Collection and processing of end-of-life products,
  • Procurement and distribution of spare parts, ensuring stock optimization and cost reductions.

Lean, competitive, agile, ethical, and customer focused

Industrialization expertise in technology

A strong partnership with Research & Development teams enables us to define the resources we need to put in place in order to implement the manufacturing and logistics processes from the earliest stages in the design of a new server. This involves piloting the introduction of new offerings with a view to their future commercialization, moving from a logical concept designed by researchers to physical fabrication by a technician, so as to guarantee that the product will be successfull.

To build increasingly efficient digital infrastructures, it is essential to provide industrial and logistics services which are specifically adapted to each customer’s requirements. The Test Lab allows customers to test and validate their solution before delivery thanks to our secure and favorable environment (personalized reception, control rooms, adapted tools, collaborative space).

A competitive Supply Chain

The operation of the supply chain guarantees the optimization of all production flows from purchasing right through to delivery at the end customer’s site, end to end, with no disruption to any of the processes involved. The ultimate aim of the supply chain is to deliver high quality products to customers, at requested date, at the best price, and environnementally friendly.

In order to contribute to environmental protection, we are aiming for ‘zero net emissions’ in terms of decarbonation. Our site is committed to continuous improvement as part of our AFAQ QSE (Quality, Safety, Environment) certification.

Furthermore, our industrial and logistics site is one of the first 100 companies to have developed an integrated QSE management system.

Configuration to customers’ requirements

The entire solution ordered by the customer is the responsibility of individual integration and testing units: every customer need is different, every order is unique. Once a customer order is received, the processors, memory, cards, disks and other peripherals are assembled in the servers. System and drive trays, as well as other elements that have been ordered are mounted and cabled in the rack.

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