Xceptional Labs Empowers Disability Entrepreneurs with Innovative Online Event

Founder Mai Ling Chan Discusses Upcoming Exceptional Alliances Event.

In a recent interview with Debra Ruh, Antonio Vieira Santos and Neil Milliken from AXSCHAT, Mai Ling Chan, the founder and CEO of Exceptional Labs, provided insights into the upcoming Exceptional Alliances Epic Online Accessibility Event. The event is set to take place on October 20th and aims to bring together disability-focused entrepreneurs, advocates, and experts to discuss critical issues surrounding accessibility and inclusion.

Exceptional Labs, a venture co-founded by Mai Ling Chan, India Oakes, and Yono Welker, was initially conceived as an accelerator program for disability-focused entrepreneurs. However, due to the changing investment landscape, the team launched the Exceptional Alliances event as their first offering. The event fosters collaboration, promotes universal design, and provides a platform for change-makers in the disability community.

One of the key points highlighted during the interview was the need to break down barriers that prevent entrepreneurs with disabilities from accessing funding and support. Mai Ling Chan discussed the hesitancy some entrepreneurs feel about disclosing their disabilities to potential investors and the importance of changing perceptions and biases within the investment community.

The interview also touched on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs with disabilities, including concerns about losing essential benefits when starting a business. Mai Ling emphasized the importance of accessible resources and support to help individuals navigate these challenges.

Regarding the Exceptional Alliances event, Mai Ling Chan highlighted its comprehensive agenda, including discussions on accessibility ethics, public and private stakeholder involvement, lived experiences, workplace environments, and more. Notable speakers and advocates, such as Dr. Victor Pineda, Molly Levitt, and Edmund Asiedu, are set to participate in these discussions.

The event is open to all and will be accessible with American Sign Language interpretation and closed captioning. Recordings of the sessions will also be made available for those who cannot attend in real time.

To register for the Exceptional Alliances Epic Online Accessibility Event, individuals can visit the official website at exceptionalalliances.com. While the event is free, there is an option to access recordings and additional materials for a nominal fee.

Mai Ling Chan‘s dedication to promoting accessibility, inclusion, and entrepreneurship within the disability community is reflected in the event’s mission, and it promises to be a valuable gathering for those interested in these important topics.

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