AccessibleEU Launch: Revolutionizing Accessibility Across Europe – A Comprehensive Resource for Inclusion

The European Commission launched AccessibleEU, a comprehensive one-stop-shop on accessibility, on July 4, 2023. The event took place at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels, Belgium, and was also accessible online.

AccessibleEU was designed to be a cutting-edge resource for a wide range of actors, including policymakers, legislators, and representatives of accessibility beneficiaries such as older people, persons with disabilities, and others. The platform aimed to provide experience, knowledge, and practical skills to these stakeholders, fostering a more inclusive and accessible Europe.

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Objectives and Activities

The primary goal of the AccessibleEU launching event was to introduce the European Accessibility Resource Centre – “AccessibleEU”, its objectives, the team involved, and the activities planned during the project’s duration. The event also outlined the expected results of the initiative.

The event provided an opportunity for stakeholders to understand the work carried out by different actors in the field of accessibility, as well as the challenges they faced in implementing accessibility measures. It also generated debate and reflections that can help to better develop and focus the activities of AccessibleEU, ensuring that its future work can address the problems of the different actors involved.

Event Details

The AccessibleEU launching event was targeted at stakeholders involved in the development and use of accessible environments, products, and services. Training professionals in accessibility, policy makers, and the AccessibleEU team were also part of the target audience.

The event took place on Tuesday, July 4, 2023, in a hybrid format, allowing for both in-person and online participation. The language of the event was English, and accessibility features such as captioning in English and International Sign were available.

Participation in the event was free, but registration was required. For those wishing to attend in person, registration had to be completed before June 28. Online attendance registration could be done until the same day of the event.

A Step Forward for Accessibility

The launch of AccessibleEU marked a significant step forward in promoting accessibility across Europe. By providing a central resource for knowledge, experience, and practical skills, the initiative aimed to empower a wide range of actors to create a more inclusive environment for all. The event was an opportunity for stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions and contribute to the development of this important initiative.

Some tweets from my team about the event.

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