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  • Breaking Down Gender Biases

    Explore the key insights from the UN’s 2023 Gender Social Norms Index report, highlighting the persistence of gender biases, the impact on women’s income, and the proposed framework for transformative change towards gender equality. Discover how policy interventions and societal shifts can help break down these biases.

  • European Tech Resilience Amid Global Retraction: A New Era of Innovation in Adversity

    In the midst of a global investment slowdown, the European tech industry is demonstrating unprecedented resilience. The ecosystem is thriving, closing the early-stage funding gap with the US, and showing an increased focus on AI and climate solutions. Even though challenges persist, with funding and valuations adjusting to long-term averages, the future of European tech holds promise. As we navigate this new market reality, the tech industry is poised to emerge stronger, more innovative, and more resilient than ever before.

  • Siemens joins forces with UN Women: Upskilling program for +600 African girls in ICT and work readiness skills kicks off

    Girl looking in front

    Siemens partners with UN Women Germany for an upskilling program benefiting over 600 young African women in South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, and Uganda. The initiative includes coding camps, mentoring, and workshops on digital literacy, programming, work readiness, and personal development. The program aims to bridge the ICT gender gap and empower women to pursue careers in the technology sector. Siemens has allocated €780,000 and will provide laptops to participants. The collaboration with UN Women Germany seeks to address gender inequalities and promote educational equality for girls in Africa. The program also aims to improve employability and contribute to transformative growth in the region.

  • A Shift in Strategy: Twitter’s Decision to Leave the EU’s Disinformation Code of Practice.

    Exploring Twitter’s surprising decision to withdraw from the EU’s disinformation code of practice. Understand the implications of this move on the future of online misinformation, the changing landscape of content moderation, and the role of social media giants in combating disinformation.

  • The Disability Gap: Revealing the Truth About Inclusion in the Workplace

    Graphic of female executive

    The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) recently published a profound study examining the representation and experiences of employees with disabilities in the workplace. The findings were both enlightening and deeply concerning, revealing a substantial gap between employer perceptions and the reality… Read More ›

  • Can a photograph change the world?

    Photograph by Lewis W. Hine of a small spinner at Mollohan Mills, Newberry, S.C.: “She was tending her ‘sides’ like a veteran, but after I took the photo, the overseer came up and said in an apologetic tone that was pathetic, ‘She just happened in.’ Then a moment later he repeated the information. The mills appear to be full of youngsters that ‘just happened in,’ or ‘are helping sister.’ National Child Labor Committee/Library of Congress

    Portraying injustices is not something novel. From the beginning of the twentieth century to present day, many photographers have been concerned about leaving their mark. But can we try to change the world – even make it a better place – through a photograph?

  • ChatGPT: lessons learned from Italy’s temporary ban of the AI chatbot

    monitor screen showing chatgpt landing page

    The Italian data protection authority, Garante, cited concerns over the protection of personal data when making this decision. It has given OpenAI, the California-based company that created ChatGPT, until the end of April to comply with its demands.

  • Return of the child-friendly city?

    An image of KidicalMass in Barcelona, in May 2022. Calvox Periche/Kidical Mass

    Urban development and social norms concerning childhood have led European cities to a situation where streets are no longer places for children and young people. Gill Valentine has explained that this shift has been fuelled by our division of children into two categories – ‘angels’ and ‘demons’.

  • Racing Towards Accessibility

    Charlie Triplett is a renowned accessibility coach and author of TheBookOnAccessibility, specializing in helping individuals and organizations create accessible digital experiences for people with disabilities. With expertise in web and mobile accessibility, assistive technology, and inclusive design, Charlie’s comprehensive guide offers valuable insights on creating accessible content for various disabilities. As a recognized leader in the accessibility community, Charlie’s work has made them a sought-after speaker at global conferences and events, making them an invaluable resource for inclusive digital experiences.

  • How Industrial 5G drives convergence of IT and OT for industry

    Siemens is addressing these challenges by developing a private Industrial 5G network infrastructure with a user-friendly interface tested in real-world environments. Additionally, they have Industrial 5G routers that allow for reliable wireless connectivity. As these challenges are resolved, we expect increased adoption of private Industrial 5G networks, driving digital transformation and competitive advantage in the industrial sector.